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Direct Admin SSL Certificate Activation

In this article, we will explain the steps of installing SSL by generating CSR code in  Fiyat Performans Hosting Domain Merkezi. First of all, you need to generate the CSR code in order to get the SSL certificate, but while you are going to process, you need to define a static IP for the domain name on your Directadmin panel for your domain name.

The panel will not allow you to perform SSL related operations without defining a static IP. You can define IP on Directadmin from the panel "Change the User’s IP" in the Show All Users> yourdomain.com> Modify User section after accessing the panel http: // your ipaddress: 2222.

After performing the IP identification process, we can create the CSR code and start the SSL setup process. First of all, we need to issue a CSR code to get an SSL certificate. To generate the CSR code, you need to access the panel where you will manage your host account.

After accessing the panel, we can access the Advanced Features> SSL Certificates section, click on the "Create A Certificate Request" link and start generating CSR code. You should write your own information in this field according to the information in the picture below. You should not use Turkish characters when generating CSR code. Otherwise, you will experience errors while generating CSR code. After entering all the necessary information completely, you can save it by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page and get your CSR code.

If you start having problems with the CA Root certificate after installing SSL, you can do the CA certificate from the "Click Here to paste a CA Root Certificate" link in the area where we installed the SSL. Clicking on the field that says "Click Here", after accessing the panel where you can add the CA certificate, click “Use a CA Cert.” At the top of the page. You must select the option and copy the CA certificate to the lower part. After performing the necessary operations, all the processes we will do with SSL installation are terminated by using the "Save" button at the bottom to save the CA certificate. You can now use your SSL certificate for your domain in a healthy way. You can perform all these operations on your own server together with our economical server services.








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