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Adding a CPanel Plugin Domain Name

Hi! We will talk about adding a plugin domain name. The plugin domain is also called Addon Domain. This term affects the number of domain names available on hosting packages. Before we start with the basic content, we would like to leave an important information for the plugin domain to work, before the plugin domain is created, the nameserver addresses from the domain name company must be directed to the nameserver addresses of the hosting you use.

What is This Plugin Domain?

You may have the right to add multiple domains in the hosting account you have purchased. This is the plugin domain name. Of course, these domains are not opened as separate sites and databases, as in reseller services.

Follow the instructions below to add your add-on domains.

cPanel> Domains> Plugin Domains

Then please fill in the information as we have given in the picture.

If you add the document to the root directory section as an example, domain.com, the subdomain files that you added as public_html / domain.com will be kept here.

You can have subdomains in Linux Web Hosting packages that you can get from our site.


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