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How to Make a Website?

While opening a new website was seen as a more difficult and costly job a few years ago, nowadays, it has become more practical thanks to easy website tools. Thanks to new tools and techniques emerging after the developments in technology, it is possible to design a website easily by taking into account certain criteria.

However, there are still some important details to know when designing a website. Paying attention to these will both save you time and help you build a good website. The first rule for a good website is that the site has a search engine friendly design. Then, choosing a design suitable for the content of your site will allow the project to attract more attention.


The design you choose should be open to future development. If you use a design that can be improved, you will prevent your site from losing time and becoming ordinary. Otherwise, this will be a very time-consuming process as you will need to design the site from the beginning for the features you want to add to your site later. At this point, you should pay attention to the design so that your website is not only visitor-oriented but also compatible with all browsers.


Visitors usually choose to leave the page or spend more time within 8 seconds from the moment they click on the link of the site while browsing the internet. For this reason, the first 8 seconds are very valuable. In order to keep the visitors on the site and to spend more time, the details about the page layout such as the colors, fonts, visual quality, where the content is located on the site and the slider are very important.

What are the Preparations Before Web Design?

Before you start designing the website, you need to create a draft for yourself. Before proceeding to the design phase, it is a good idea to first draw down the draft you created on the paper by drawing and what areas on the website.


Working in this way will reduce the time you spend in web design editing and will contribute to your speed. The first step is to decide which colors to use in the design integrity required to open a website, what kind of photos to choose, and in which areas the articles will be placed.

What Should Be Considered While Designing Website?

To make a website that best caters to visitors, you should avoid using too many colors on your site. Using too many colors will cause eye strain for visitors. In general, you can set the colors of the logo you will use on the site as the main color theme. It is very important visually that the colors used in the logo and the site are compatible with each other.

You should keep in mind that the main goal of websites is to inform visitors. Therefore, determining the font to be used on the website as a simple and easy-to-read font will be a good decision. Choosing complex fonts is always a disadvantage for visitors.


Using the same font throughout the website will be beneficial for visual integrity. It should be noted that the font sizes to be used in the title and content articles should be selected in the same size on all pages on the website. It will always be advantageous if the images such as pictures and videos you will use on the website are in suitable places within the site and the image quality is high.

In order for visual extensions to be displayed properly on every computer, you should take care of the necessary visual optimization studies. It is extremely important for visitors to load the pages on the website quickly. The fast loading of pages is a detail about visual optimization. If you optimize the images correctly, your pages will open fast. Thus, you become a more valuable website in search engines.


The use of icons on websites is also very effective in the design of the site. Using icons helps to explain the content as it is located next to the titles or descriptions on the website. It is possible to make the website more dynamic and interesting by choosing plain and directly related icons. Visitors to the website prefer to easily access other pages on the site after browsing the content on their pages.

For this reason, in-site redirection should be made on all pages of the website. Including links to the main page or other pages on all pages will allow visitors to navigate the site fluently and quickly. Considering this detail will be sufficient to see all the content on the site. A well-designed website should have a simple look and original content.


Curiosity designs should be prepared for each site for its subject and industry. Colors, images, icons and other materials to be used on the website should be selected accordingly. Organizing and naming all the elements used in the design phase with folders will make your job easier while coding works that are the next stage of the design. You can save time by advancing by planning your works.

What Do Visitors Pay Attention On the Website?

On the websites, where visitors pay the most attention is in the upper left corner. The reason for this is known as reading habits. When visitors enter the website, they will be able to navigate the website in a way they are used to if they are guided by headlines or images. Therefore, when designing a website, it is important that the logo and the name of the site are located in the upper left corner.


In addition to the logo and site name in the upper left corner of the website, a slogan suitable for the content of the site will feature the design. It will also support visitors' first impression of the site's content. Since the human eye starts scanning from the upper left part, you can also take advantage of this method, which you can use in your special design.

Where and How Should Ads Take Place on the Website?

Having lots of ads on websites is not useful for users. Ad slots covering almost the entire site are perceived by users as a negative situation. For this reason, you need to use these areas in the website design at the dose and set the advertisement areas correctly. Animated ads, which are banner-style, both create an eye-catching design and may also cause visitors to view your website more slowly.


Instead of creating banner type difficult-to-open ad spaces, you can try ad models embedded within the content. In addition, the harmony of your ads with the colors in your design will make your website stand out visually, while the ads will be displayed more. The fact that the texts in the advertisements give the message directly also allows the visitors to perceive the advertisements better.

Is Content Important for Web Design?

If you managed to appeal to your target audience with the design of your website, it is time to appeal to your visitors with your content. The fact that your content is related to your products and services or your individual page will keep you one step ahead of other websites. When you produce original and up-to-date content that can benefit visitors, you can stay ahead of your competitors and help search engines take you higher.


You should never forget the effect of SEO work on website designs. By using the power of original and useful content that is among the SEO criteria, you can make your website more valuable in the eyes of search engines. When you create your content, if you always pay attention to creating content that can be useful for users, you also produce useful content in the eyes of search engines.

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